Highams Residents’ Association was founded to represent the residents of The Highams Estate.
The Highams Estate is designated as an Area of Special Character, covered by an Article 4 directive that removes permitted development rights to protect its architecture.

HRA Tea Party

Back after a two-year hiatus, HRA's tea party is a free event where residents young and old gather for fun, food and games. Keep your diary free for the new date of Sunday 4 June 2023, from 3-5pm. The tea party will be hosted at Humphry's cafe in The Highams Park.

Extensions and alterations

If you're extending or altering your house, HRA can provide advice to improve the chances of getting your plans accepted. You can also refer to the council's guide on Residential Extensions and Alterations (PDF)

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The Highams Estate

The Highams Estate was mostly developed during the 1930s, within the former grounds of "Highams" house that is now Woodford County High School for Girls.


The Highams Estate was built within the former grounds of "Highams", a house built for the Lord of the Manor of Higham Bensted in 1768.

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Most of The Highams Estate was built during the 1930s. Plans were drawn up for a much larger development, but economic and geopolitical events meant that The Estate ended up smaller, and took longer to complete.

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The quality and distinctive design of the architecture used contributes significantly to the character of The Highams Estate. This was recognised by Waltham Forest Council when it was granted Area of Special Character status in 1988.

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About Highams Residents' Association

Formed in 1955, Highams Residents' Association was created to prevent indiscriminate development of The Estate and preserve its character for future generations of residents.

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