Extract from the book 'A Brief History of Courtenay Warner and Warner Estate', Walthamstow Historical Society Monograph

The former Manor House of Highams was sold to Essex County Council for a girls school in 1922 for £7000. Eleven acres of the estate were sold in 1906 for the building of the White House now known as Haven House.

Plans were then drawn up to construct housing for the middle classes on the remaining 90 acres of the estate. New roads were constructed from 1930; including The Charter Road which was achieved by an exchange of land with the new owners of the former Manor House, Essex County Council.

As the County Council did not wish to contribute to the cost of the new road, Courtenay Warner retained a strip of land some 653 ft long and 2 ft wide along the new road. An indenture dated 4th December 1922 between Courtenay Warner and the County Council, reserved the strip and contained a recital 'that the Council their successors or assigns shall not be entitled to pass or repass or use the proposed road or any part thereof…'. The agreement was implemented by deed of exchange dated 22nd April 1932. This strip of Land is identified by boundary stones bearing the legend 'Warner Estate 1932'.

There is also a similar strip between Nesta Road and Woodford Rugby Club.

These Ransom Strips are held in trust by Highams Residents Association in perpetuity.